Unlock Your Confidence & Start Truly Living

Everyone has a confident side within them, sometimes you just need a little help to let it shine.

Measure your body confidence

Do you hate yourself when you’re trying on new clothes?

Do you put yourself down or bully yourself?

Do you struggle to accept compliments?

Do you compare yourself to others?

If you answered YES to these questions, you’re in the right place. Read on!

I hate to break it to you, but…

You are the victim to your own mindset…

You need to do something different if you want a different result, right?

Sitting at home, eating cookies and watching trash TV, hoping that magically you’ll one day wake up with new-found confidence isn’t going to work (I tried it, it doesn’t).

This isn’t your typical woo-woo self-help book, and it sure as heck isn’t a whole bunch of fru-fru motivational crap.

It’s an evidence-based workbook designed to propel your confidence to newfound heights, stop finding excuses and start taking control.

Why spend another day wasting your life when you can be living it?

Dive in with my kick-a$$ Confidence Book today.


There are a LOT of ‘experts’ out there,
so why should you trust me?

You’re skeptical. I like that about you.

You might be wondering who I am, and why I would know anything about having a lack of confidence, so let me explain. I wasted most of my life because I was too afraid to just be me. I would stay at home and make excuses why I couldn’t join my friends, I spend thousands of dollars trying to ‘fix’ my appearance, and would never raise my hand to speak.

I was alive, but didn’t feel like I was actually living my life. This book is what helped me (and now hundreds of others) break through the brick walls that are holding you back from living the life you deserve to live.

And if you’re still breathing, it’s not too late to change.

Qualified: Backed by a BA, MSc and PhD in exercise physiology, Post-Graduate Certification in Counselling.

Experience: Worked in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years.

Is this book for me?

Strengthen your confidence by finding out
why you lost it in the first place.

Do you depend on 
your appearance for confidence?

Did something happen that you’re too ashamed to talk about?

Can you remember when you last felt good about yourself?

This book is for everyone, because know this:

Issues with confidence and self-esteem affect everyone,
no matter their gender, age or background.

Who else is reading Body Confidence?

Chapter 8: Body Confidence Deep Dive

In Part 1 you completed the physical appearance survey (see Survey 1.2 Physical Appearance) which gave you an indication of how you rate individual parts of your body, but also how you rate your physical appearance overall.

What I find interesting is that many of my clients actually like several parts of their body yet, overall, they’re dissatisfied with how they look. This is a lose-lose situation, because really, no matter how many parts of your body you like, overall you’ll always look at yourself negatively.

On that note, take a look at these statements. Now, be honest, remember this   is a bullsh*t-free zone, we’re in the tree of trust. Have you ever said any of them?  Or a version of them?

I hate my body.

How is the book structured?

It’s actually a workbook! Meaning, you will need to be actively involved in the process! That’s why it works! (But only if YOU do the work!)

You’ll start by completing 11 clinically-validated surveys and questionnaires which will jump start your self-learning. You’ll then dive in to the education, and finish by re-doing all the questionnaires to see how far you’ve come!

It’s a book like no other!

“I love everything about this powerful and healing book”

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​“Reading A Girl’s Guide to Body Confidence fills me with hope that those desperate for a positive relationship with their body now have a truly scientifically backed and compelling resource to do just that. I love everything about this powerful and healing book: it’s honest and raw, funny and uplifting but, most importantly, it’s filled with actionable advice that will transform lives across the world.

Dr Kat’s voice is medicine for anyone wanting to have a better relationship with their body, and she shows us how by gradually building the reader through stages of knowledge with easy-to-understand examples and written exercises.

If you’re looking for a motivational book—this isn’t it! Dr Kat does everything but skim the surface, so be prepared for a deep dive and get ready to train your brain for a life filled with real, long-lasting change and a new perspective.”

“A resource that is so desperately needed”

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“Dr Kat has used her own experiences together with her academic qualifications in health sciences, exercise physiology and biotechnology, and counselling to create a resource that is so desperately needed for women and men today.

In a world that is saturated with negative and often harmful messaging, Dr Kat is a breath of fresh air as she helps ease people through the complex process of transforming their negative relationship with their body into one that is wholesome and respectful.”

“An action-focused, at-a-glance resource”

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“Dr Kat is one of my biggest fans and I love working with her. I went to her with a super negative mindset, lost and anxious.

She has played a huge part in helping me shift my mindset so I can live my best life and achieve my career goals. I am back, believing and achieving.

A Girl’s Guide to Body Confidence provides an action-focused, at-a-glance resource that I can now refer back to any time I need—kind of like having her in my pocket! I highly recommend Dr Kat and this amazing new book!”

What do you have to lose?


Your lack of confidence, that’s what! I’m confident (pun intended) my book can improve how you feel about yourself and your life.

Cut the Comparing

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