The Forever Approach is a 7-pillar system that recognises that your health, happiness and your body confidence is not just as simple as eating more kale and doing more squats.

Our bodies and minds are so much more complicated than that. This approach isn’t an 8-week weight loss plan, or really, has anything to do with how your body looks.

So if you were expecting another bikini body guide or get-ripped guide, STOP READING.

With this process you’ll dive deep into many aspects of your life – from how you feel about food and activity, your levels of stress and sleep, and how disruptions in these areas affect your life, your current state of health, your way of thinking, right through to your overall satisfaction in life. Because I believe only when you consider all of these factors, not just calories in and calories out, will you ever achieve balance with your health, happiness and confidence.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you really want to lose weight. But, let’s also say you’ve had a really stressful day, how do you sleep that night? Likely not so well. Because of that stress and lack of sleep, both your body and your brain will undergo physiological changes.

No matter how strong-willed you are, these changes can make you less motivated to exercise and eat well. So rather than shooting down a kale smoothie and walking your dog, you slam the snooze button and catch a few more Zs, right?

What about how you feel? Probably a bit fuzzy right? And what about your state of mind? How do you deal with your kids, your partner? Not so good right?

If you’re stuck in traffic are you politely letting people in? No, of course not. Because all the sudden you turn into a Sopranos character.

And what about how satisfied you feel about life, your relationships, your job? Are you doing extra work to get ahead? Or scrolling through Instagram waiting for the clock to tick wine’o’clock?

As you can see, if only one area of the iceberg gets a crack, it will spread to all the other areas.

You’re nodding your head right now, aren’t you?

So how can you get started right away?

Well, a great way to start is looking at which pillars of your iceberg need a little bit more care and attention. Is it that you’re lacking sleep? Or are you struggling with coping with stress? Is it how you feel about what’s on your plate? Do you hate going for a run, and wonder why you’re not doing it consistently? These are the places to start, not looking for another health or weight-loss miracle.